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Technical organizer:

Viking Motorcycle Tours Aps. CVR no.: 38847082, member of Travel Guarantee Fund No. 2850.

​These travel conditions apply to the 2018 program. - In the event of a change in the conditions for 2018, the participants enrolled in 2018 will be entitled to repayment of deposit paid within 14 days. If you refuse to make use of repayment within the fixed term of 14 days, you have accepted the new terms for 2018.


The trips on this site can be booked at Viking Motorcycle Tours Ordering can be done via the internet or at tel .: 71713671


That you are finally registered for the trip once you have paid a deposit. That when you travel in the United States, you must have travel insurance as you are not covered by health insurance in the United States

We recommend: 

That you take out travel insurance with cancellation insurance. Consult your insurance company or at one of the travel insurance companies. Click here for one year travel insurance with cover of DKK 10,000 for self-risk on leased vehicles. (approx. 680 for one person)


Upon registration: a deposit of DKK 5,000 is payable. person. Remainder payment: Payable last 70 days before departure.


This is to be done at your own insurance company. Viking Motorcycle Tours does not refund already paid installments, here the customer must make use of his cancellation insurance in accordance with current rules. After a binding registration, the deposit of DKK 5,000 will be refunded. 70 days before departure, you will not be able to refund any part of the travel price.

Payment must be received within 8 days of the invoice sent. The agreement is binding on the participant when the first payment, deposit and / or rate is paid and upon payment confirms the customer has read the documentation on the site and our terms and conditions - and has accepted and approved the applicable terms and conditions for the trip including special terms of cancellation.

Special conditions: 

Viking Motorcycle Tours does not return already paid amounts / deposit and / or rate payments neither wholly or partially in accordance with the above payment rates. If you have chosen to pay the full amount, surplus payment will be paid less the above installments. Viking Motorcycle Tours can not be held responsible for any. exchange rate loss in connection with this unexpected payment and the customer must make use of his cancellation insurance in accordance with applicable rules.

Driving license:

The guests bring a valid driver's license - Danish driving license is ok.

Included in the price of the trip:

The price and any supplement are stated in the description of the individual trips and are based on 2 persons sharing a double room. The price is also based on following the group home and away (group pic).


Viking Motorcycle Tours reserves the right to use other hotels of the same standard than those mentioned in the program. In some hotels there may be disparate rooms. If you want to share a double room as one traveler, this can only be done if another single traveler of the same sex has the same desire. Otherwise, one-room supplement will be charged.

Health insurance card:

When traveling to the United States, the Yellow Health Insurance Certificate does not apply. It is the responsibility of the participant to draw a travel health insurance coverage in the United States.

Responsibility of the participant:

Participants who do not meet at the right time and place or can not travel due to missing travel documentation, invalid passports, rejection of immigration authorities, necessary visas or any vaccinations, or other reasons can not expect any compensation. If the participant is not a Danish citizen, it is the responsibility of the participant to seek information about the requirements for entry in the country concerned. When traveling in the United States, the passport must have a validity of 6 months after the end of the trip. Any rejection upon entry into the United States for whatever reason is the participant's own responsibility and is considered to be non-return from the trip and the participant may subsequently not claim against the travel agent in connection therewith.

Cancellations and cancellations of airplanes may occur and the travel provider has no influence. Requirements in this connection are a matter between the travel participant's insurance company or the airline. Requirements for Delays or canceled flights can not be claimed against the travel agent.

All participants are required to comply with directions from guide, hoteliers, motorcycle providers, transport companies and the like. in connection with the completion of the journey. Each participant is responsible for any damage they may incur or incur during the voyage including material damage of any kind. Danes traveling to the United States are under the Visa Waiver program and must apply for a visit and approval via the website: https: // Language = da

It should be emphasized that the disclosure of this information, as well as the accuracy of these, is solely on the traveler. Failure, or incorrect delivery of information, can cause major consequences for the traveler. Viking Motorcycle Tours has no responsibility for submitting the above information, so Viking Motorcycle Tours can not meet requirements arising from missing or inadequate information. Questions related to the submission of information should be addressed to the US Embassy in Denmark. For more information about this, see

Viking Motorcycle Tours makes a standstill available during the trip. The foyer serves as a service car during the journey and can be used for transporting luggage, suitcases and possibly. tired passengers or anything else. This goes beyond the responsibility of the participant and the travel provider can not be held liable for any damage to MC or luggage of any kind during transportation including lost luggage regardless of the reason for this. It should be noted that the roads can be uneven and there may be many turns, increases and damage during transport may occur.

Benefits during the trip: 

If the participant declines to follow the agreed trip together with the guide, which includes either the entry, fee, tour or similar, according to the program, the participant is not required to have these expenses reimbursed. During the trip it will be possible to make an option in addition to the services included in the price of the trip.


The desire for the motorcycle type is met as far as possible. Always indicate 1st and 2nd priority. Viking Motorcycle Tours can not guarantee that the desired motorcycle type is available on arrival. Upon arrival in the United States, the landlord's terms of trade will be handed over, which must be delivered in signed condition at the time of delivery of the motorcycle. Rental and operation of motorcycle is a relationship between the owner and the tenant. In case of interference, eg. motor damage etc., compensation is paid by the landlord according to the landlord's rules.

A deposit will be charged as a credit card print at the landlord (Visa, Diners, Mastercard or American Express). Deposit can not be paid in cash to the landlord. Without this print, the motorcycle will not be delivered. It is therefore necessary that you have access to one of the above credit cards and that you make sure that there is the necessary availability, via your bank connection, though my. $ 2000, -.

Tour operators who have paid for an MC will have to enter into a contractual relationship with the MC landlord in the United States. The contractual relationship is between the participant and the MC landlord and the travel provider can not be held responsible for this. The contractual relationship is only between the participant and the MC landlord. The travel provider only communicates the contact and the payment for the rental period.

In case of accident, engine damage or other shutdown, it is not possible for the landlord to provide another motorcycle immediately. Should the trip be interrupted or changed due to accidents, casualties or weather conditions, no compensation will be granted. Can the participants not reach the planned accommodation due to Accidents, casualties or weather conditions are another accommodation at your own expense.

In case of accident with personal injury, the wizard helps obtain medical attention and send information to relatives and insurance companies in Denmark. Then the guide will continue the trip with the rest of the tour participants.

In case of an accident with mechanical damage, contact the landlord who will find a workshop that can assume a possible. repair.

Motorcycle Insurance: 

In all of our motorcycle trips to the United States, there has been a cargo insurance on the motorcycle. However, guests are liable for self-esteem, typically from $ 1000, - $ 2000.- (may vary from landlord to landlord) in case of an accident or the motorcycle is stolen. The travel agent is liable for this amount, regardless of whether or not you are guilty of the damage. Opposition to opposition is a matter between the traveler and the opposing party.


Cancellation due to illness or otherwise. It is the responsibility of the participant to subscribe for cancellation and sickness insurance.

Change and cancel the trip: 

The travel can be changed free of charge until the deposit / 1 rate payment is received. After payment of deposit, the agreement is binding. For cancellation of package holidays (flight and other tourist services), the general cancellation rules are as follows: Cancellation of the trip before departure is the cancellation fee corresponding to the deposit / rates paid. Includes purchase of tickets for eg. theater, concerts, excursions or the like, these are not refundable. Changing the motorcycle or room selection can take place until 3 months before departure. Changes can only be made after further agreement and against an administration fee of DKK 2500.- If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not traveling to a destination, the trip can be canceled against an administration fee of DKK 2500.-. See the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Transfer of the trip:

Transfer of the trip to another person is due to subcontractors rarely possible. Always check with the travel agent about applicable rules for your trip.

Cancellation by illness:

It is recommended to take out cancellation insurance which covers costs if travel in transit is impossible due to acute illness or injury requiring hospitalization, medical-ordained bed linen.

Cancellation from the Viking Motorcycle Tours page: In order to complete a trip, there must generally be a minimum of 10 participants. If a cancellation is required, participants will be notified within 30 days of departure with offers for a second trip or offer for repayment of all amounts paid. The trip may be possible. implemented against payment of a supplement.


Any complaints during the trip must be submitted immediately to the organizer's representative on the spot and the travel agency, so that mistakes can be rectified immediately and with the least possible disadvantage. Lack of complaint to the travel agent will normally result in loss of entitlement to subsequent claims. Note, you bind yourself with your signature on a document, such as By handing out a hire car or motorcycle, this will be binding, no matter what oral information may have been provided. In these cases, the travel agency can not assist with compensation, refund and other.


Viking Motorcycle Tours reserves the right to make changes to travel terms, travel routes, dates, prices, accommodation, etc. if for unforeseen reasons it is necessary. We are subject to printing errors.

The Danish Travel Guarantee:

All travel customers are covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund. Our Reg. Number in the fund is: 2850.

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